About Fimedical

Fimedical is an aesthetics medical center devoted to maximize beauty and personal care using the best and most advanced technology to offer treatments of excellence and the best possible results.

At Fimedical we seek to offer a new concept for aesthetic medical treatments based upon historical principles of beauty or that which human eyes consider beautiful. We remember the Phi number or the golden ratio because it talks about beauty as an idea based on symmetry and harmony. We believe a person can be seen and perceived as someone beautiful, regardless of age, fashion or preconceptions. Thus, we seek to fuse the highest medical quality, state of the art equipment and our extensive experience with the art of beauty.

All of our treatments are performed with the approval of the ANMAT (National Administration of Drugs, Foods and Medical Devices) as well as by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).


We are a team of professionals and aestheticians covering aesthetic medicine and cosmiatry -cosmetic dermatology- with a proven track record. We are ready to provide our patients with the best results derived from an ample experience and permanent training in various disciplines.

Cosmiatry: Noemí Montagut and Mara Echapresto.

Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Lorena Stubrin graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, School of Medicine in 1997 and in 2004 she received the degree of Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine. She participated in several training courses for aesthetic dermatology and the use of the latest laser technology, in Argentina as well as in the USA. She lived there for several years and was awarded the Certificate Expert PRM in Aesthetic Medicine, and the ALLERGAN Certificate of Completion of the Symposium in Advanced Injection Techniques for Cosmetic BOTOX and Juverderm. In 2007 she founded the NewCorp Clinic, which she headed as Medical Director until 2010. In 2012 she opened the Aesthetic Medicine Center Dr. Lorena Stubrin. In 2015 she began to work with Dr. Ana Bogado, teaming up at Fimedical.

Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine

Dr Ana Bogado has an extensive academic training in the field of medicine. She commenced her preparation in 2004 working in Aesthetic Dermatology and presenting scientific works on Intense Pulsed Light, Radiofrequency and related casuistry for Aesthetics Dermatology at Congresses. She completed graduate and post graduate courses in said fields as well as in nutrition, orthomolecular medicine and bioregulatory medicine. She was the deputy medical director for Clider from 2004 to 2015. During 2012 she was the medical coordinator for Lasermed, while also working at Silvana Dato Medicina, for aesthetic care. In 2013 she was the medical director for Madero Salud. Eventually, in 2015 she founded Fimedical along with Dr Lorena Stubrin.